Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Me so hungry

I've always been hungry. I'm known for it. I have an Instagram dedicated to food but I've never known hunger as I have it now lol. Being pregnant takes it to a new level because Vincent gets as excited as I do about food and devours it before I can enjoy it. I'm happy I'm feeding my baby but can I keep a little something of what I was craving? Womb service is right HA HA.

At least with his ravenous appetite, my weight has been kept down. Because I am overweight, I was only allowed to gain 10 pounds max in my pregnancy. I've managed to keep it under that since I had initially lost so much weight when I first became pregnant that I've evened out now. So no loss no real gain. Perfect pregnancy.

The secret to keeping my weight down has been to eat half my meal and saving the rest to eat later. I wait until he digest then if I even have time I munch on a little bit of my leftovers or I call it a day and just drink water. So he gets his needs met and I do not but the hunger keeps me going lol. If I indulged as much as he wanted me to I would have gained the 25 lbs plus like everybody else I know. 

So is there one thing you craved while you were pregnant? This whole time all I've wanted was a giant coke from McDonald's. It's all I want in life but it's all that I avoid. Don't get me wrong. I'm still enjoying my occasional sprites and orange soda's but I do not crave that like my Coca Cola. Lately the other thing that I crave are donuts. I've never been a sweets person but I now want donuts lol. Relax Vinny. You'll get more sweets once I can work it off haha.