Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Me so hungry

I've always been hungry. I'm known for it. I have an Instagram dedicated to food but I've never known hunger as I have it now lol. Being pregnant takes it to a new level because Vincent gets as excited as I do about food and devours it before I can enjoy it. I'm happy I'm feeding my baby but can I keep a little something of what I was craving? Womb service is right HA HA.

At least with his ravenous appetite, my weight has been kept down. Because I am overweight, I was only allowed to gain 10 pounds max in my pregnancy. I've managed to keep it under that since I had initially lost so much weight when I first became pregnant that I've evened out now. So no loss no real gain. Perfect pregnancy.

The secret to keeping my weight down has been to eat half my meal and saving the rest to eat later. I wait until he digest then if I even have time I munch on a little bit of my leftovers or I call it a day and just drink water. So he gets his needs met and I do not but the hunger keeps me going lol. If I indulged as much as he wanted me to I would have gained the 25 lbs plus like everybody else I know. 

So is there one thing you craved while you were pregnant? This whole time all I've wanted was a giant coke from McDonald's. It's all I want in life but it's all that I avoid. Don't get me wrong. I'm still enjoying my occasional sprites and orange soda's but I do not crave that like my Coca Cola. Lately the other thing that I crave are donuts. I've never been a sweets person but I now want donuts lol. Relax Vinny. You'll get more sweets once I can work it off haha.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sleep aludes me

 So what I noticed from the beginning was that I can no longer sleep. I am just becoming 8 months pregnant tomorrow and I have had very little sleep since June. 

That was one of my signs of pregnancy actually. I grew completely anxious and stressed, out of nowhere. I had already dealt with my 2 back-to-back car accidents back in April (neither my fault) and was in physical therapy for my back when I couldn't shake the extra stress.

I knew something was wrong or at least off because I'm pretty even keel at all times and absolutely believe in letting anything that bothers me out as it happens lol. It's not healthy to internalize anything right? So I started looking at other possible issues. Pregnancy was always the first thought. I began concluding that I was the whole month of June. I waited until the end of the month to take a pregnancy test and "Ta Da!" it was positive. The rest is history lol.

So now I roam the night like a vampire, restless in my house. Looking for things to do, to distract my brain so I can sleep. Anybody else have this problem? From my apps I hear this is your body adjusting to the upcoming feeding times but I cry BS because I'm told I'm supposed to rest now and all I can think about is that I should be sleeping but now I have to pee lol. That's another fun thing. You pee A LOT. I even stop drinking before going to bed (even thought I am dying of thirst) but I still have to get up to pee. That's one of the many fun not-so-secret secrets of pregnancy lol. That and that you are always hungry but more on that next time.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Shock and Awe - Announcing our New Baby

So we finally decided to make our big announcement. We are expecting! My first! I'm very excited but this is all new for me. I just turned 40 a few months ago. Just celebrated our first wedding anniversary (all in April/May lol) and then bam, new life change. So what can you do? What's next?

Well, for one thing my social life has slowed down lol. I am no longer out and about sipping on Dirty Martini's and fine wine's, now I'm registering for baby goodies and working on my upcoming baby shower. Now I'm not saying my social life is over, I still go out, but it's very limited now since I'm enjoying sweats and pizza at home with my family over appetizers and drinks late night haha.

Another big change we had in the past couple months has been the addition of my stepson moving in full time. Now this has been the biggest adjustment of them all. It kind of moved all the baby stuff to the last minute since he is our priority right now. However, after months of new rules, structures, schedules and keeping up with homework he is now adjusted to our way of life. I bend over backwards to make sure he has everything he needs and just ask he respect our wishes. I'm so happy to report that we now have a happy little 11 year old in our midst. I love seeing the changes in him and although he has a long way to go in breaking old, bad habits I'm positive he will grow healthy and strong with us. I love our new growing family. 

So now I'm back to the fact that I am a week away from being 8 months pregnant. Really? It has been a long journey since finding out about him, and yes he is indeed a he, that faithful day in June 2016. My emotions went from shock, to being scared, angry, frustrated to stressed. And now I'm just tired lol. Tired of preparing for for everything now. From our new little man living with us to the new baby boy arriving in a couple months it's been a long year. I'm looking forward to his arrival so I can just breathe. 

I also want him born so I can enjoy food again. Does anybody find eating and being pregnant are not as enjoyable? I'm always hungry but I get full quickly only to find I'm hungry again but there is almost no point in eating again because the baby is just going to take it all lol. On the positive note, I lost almost 20 pounds and finally started gaining a couple pounds. At first the issue was constipation, yes, it's real and it's not a fun thing, but I was able to work through those tough weeks. Now my constipation is back but it a mild, short term way. Good times lol.

So what's next on this new ride? Now it's time to get ready for Christmas! You thought, shopping and wrapping was tough? Try doing it with a belly and your back hurting as you try doing a couple things at a time. One thing is for sure, I'm pushing through the pain. Ain't nobody got time for slowing down right now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What it's like to Work with Cats!

Would love to work here but I would never get anything done lol. The benefit of having cats working with you must be that your stress level would be down and your morale would be high right?

Maybe we should consider doing this at work haha.

This just reminds me of how much I miss my kitty. Nala, was just like this when she wanted attention but I loved how independent she was.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ode to my grandmother - 1915 - 2012

My grandma (AKA La Loyita) with my cousin Carmen
With my grandma (Mami Elodia) @ her birthday party few years ago.

Buenaventura Elodia Barrios (1915-2012) - she lived 96 years :)

I loved my grandmother. I grew up seeing her every few days since we lived around the block from her. She always made me giggle and squirm because she always wanted to chew our chins with her gums lol. It amused her to no end :) She was always smiling and laughing at something. She was full of love and joy for all to see. She was loud and vibrant right up to her passing this past weekend 3/24/12. The whole family is hurting from this loss. Was it a surprise? No, she had been recovering from constant bouts of pneumonia all stemming from strokes she suffered a few years ago. And she was 96. Her immune system was not strong but her spirit always was. Every time I stopped by for a visit she would tell me a story from long ago. She remembered her childhood in Guatemala, her abusive husband (who always drank and gambled the money away), and her escape from my grandpa to the Capital to start a new life and the struggles that ensued.

She never wished my grandpa any harm. Never really spoke bad about him, even though we all knew he was not very nice to her and she ended up fleeing with only the clothes on her back and the youngest kids with her. She was a mother of 11 so that showed the drive and perseverance she had to make a better life for her and her children.

The oldest children never bore any resentment towards my grandma like you see nowadays for any little thing. They supported her move; they never lost contact. They even took care of their father and in time created their own lives and families. She never looked back and did what she had to do to make ends meet with her kids.

While she lived with my grandfather, she did odd jobs to stay afloat. She was a candlestick maker, a mender of clothes, sold nick-knacks, etc. any job she could find she did. I really wish I had recorded her when she told us her stories. I remember listening intently, fascinated by her life and achivements. She never gave up! She never gave up hope for a better tomorrow. And best of all she never lost Faith.

What makes her passing extra painful is the fact that she was the rock that held our extended family together.  Because of her we all gathered yearly for her birthday making it our family reunion. We all bonded and were able to catch up with each other once a year which was always fun. Our family, all us cousins and aunts and uncles and kids etc all live far away from each other. She was the driving force for us all to unite in Los Angeles to celebrate her life yearly. Don't get me wrong, we all visited with her on our own weekly, monthly etc  but it's not the same. Once in a while you got lucky and got to see an aunt or cousin visiting at the same time but it wasn't the same.

I hurt because I loved her but I feel relieved in her passing because I know she was tired. She cried every once in a while asking why God wouldn't take her yet. That's heartbreaking to hear. I'm at peace knowing she's in a far better place now. Running down the fields and enjoying the cool breeze. She hasn't walked in a few years now due to a stroke. We also had not taken her outside in the yard in the past year because she was very weak now.

I also hurt for my mother, my aunts and uncles and my cousin Carmen, whom my grandma always considered her youngest child. The pain they feel is not the same pain I feel. I know that. It hurt me deeply to hear my mother cry on the phone that she "had no mommy". Nobody should ever feel that but I know that is not realistic.My grandfather Jacinto died in 2001. I had the pleasure of meeting him for the second and final time in Guatemala a few months before his death. My mom and her sisters and brothers cried and mourned his loss then too, the past pain erased, but its not the same pain I see with the passing of Mami Elodia. A mothers love cannot be substituted.

I'm not looking forward to her wake and funeral next week. I don't want to say goodbye. I don't want to see everybody crying. I will feel helpless. I will try to be as strong as my grandma was in life and help my mom with anything she needs. I will be have to be her shoulder, her rock, those days.

Mamita, I love you. I will always love you and cherish the 35 years I had with you. Luckily I took a lot of goofy videos & pictures of you and those around you in recent years and will never forget you. You touched all our lives. Gave us strength and filled us with joy. Your faith in God never wavered and it showed. You were blessed and because of it and so were we.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Look up at the sky!

3/13/12 - Venus-Jupiter Conjunction
Here's my live shot of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction tonight lol. My cell phone has limitations apparently! Some guy driving by pulled over to ask what was in the sky LOL. I told him about the conjunction and he thought it was cool. Except I forgot it was Jupiter and said Uranus LMBO! 

Anybody else find the night sky fascinating? I've been meaning to download an star app to show me what's up there as I see it. Any good suggestions? For a Droid I mean :)

Here's a great article (and real picture) via National Geographic of the conjunction. It will peak on Thursday 3/15.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New #deals found online for you!

Found a few local deals that are worth buying! 
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