Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Shock and Awe - Announcing our New Baby

So we finally decided to make our big announcement. We are expecting! My first! I'm very excited but this is all new for me. I just turned 40 a few months ago. Just celebrated our first wedding anniversary (all in April/May lol) and then bam, new life change. So what can you do? What's next?

Well, for one thing my social life has slowed down lol. I am no longer out and about sipping on Dirty Martini's and fine wine's, now I'm registering for baby goodies and working on my upcoming baby shower. Now I'm not saying my social life is over, I still go out, but it's very limited now since I'm enjoying sweats and pizza at home with my family over appetizers and drinks late night haha.

Another big change we had in the past couple months has been the addition of my stepson moving in full time. Now this has been the biggest adjustment of them all. It kind of moved all the baby stuff to the last minute since he is our priority right now. However, after months of new rules, structures, schedules and keeping up with homework he is now adjusted to our way of life. I bend over backwards to make sure he has everything he needs and just ask he respect our wishes. I'm so happy to report that we now have a happy little 11 year old in our midst. I love seeing the changes in him and although he has a long way to go in breaking old, bad habits I'm positive he will grow healthy and strong with us. I love our new growing family. 

So now I'm back to the fact that I am a week away from being 8 months pregnant. Really? It has been a long journey since finding out about him, and yes he is indeed a he, that faithful day in June 2016. My emotions went from shock, to being scared, angry, frustrated to stressed. And now I'm just tired lol. Tired of preparing for for everything now. From our new little man living with us to the new baby boy arriving in a couple months it's been a long year. I'm looking forward to his arrival so I can just breathe. 

I also want him born so I can enjoy food again. Does anybody find eating and being pregnant are not as enjoyable? I'm always hungry but I get full quickly only to find I'm hungry again but there is almost no point in eating again because the baby is just going to take it all lol. On the positive note, I lost almost 20 pounds and finally started gaining a couple pounds. At first the issue was constipation, yes, it's real and it's not a fun thing, but I was able to work through those tough weeks. Now my constipation is back but it a mild, short term way. Good times lol.

So what's next on this new ride? Now it's time to get ready for Christmas! You thought, shopping and wrapping was tough? Try doing it with a belly and your back hurting as you try doing a couple things at a time. One thing is for sure, I'm pushing through the pain. Ain't nobody got time for slowing down right now.