Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sleep aludes me

 So what I noticed from the beginning was that I can no longer sleep. I am just becoming 8 months pregnant tomorrow and I have had very little sleep since June. 

That was one of my signs of pregnancy actually. I grew completely anxious and stressed, out of nowhere. I had already dealt with my 2 back-to-back car accidents back in April (neither my fault) and was in physical therapy for my back when I couldn't shake the extra stress.

I knew something was wrong or at least off because I'm pretty even keel at all times and absolutely believe in letting anything that bothers me out as it happens lol. It's not healthy to internalize anything right? So I started looking at other possible issues. Pregnancy was always the first thought. I began concluding that I was the whole month of June. I waited until the end of the month to take a pregnancy test and "Ta Da!" it was positive. The rest is history lol.

So now I roam the night like a vampire, restless in my house. Looking for things to do, to distract my brain so I can sleep. Anybody else have this problem? From my apps I hear this is your body adjusting to the upcoming feeding times but I cry BS because I'm told I'm supposed to rest now and all I can think about is that I should be sleeping but now I have to pee lol. That's another fun thing. You pee A LOT. I even stop drinking before going to bed (even thought I am dying of thirst) but I still have to get up to pee. That's one of the many fun not-so-secret secrets of pregnancy lol. That and that you are always hungry but more on that next time.