Friday, February 17, 2012

Geek Chic! New glasses!

Sporting the latest from LensCrafters, D&G, LOL

I finally got my new glasses! After spending a couple hours at LensCrafters, sifting through and trying on every pair of glasses, I finally got them! I love them! I was going for geek chick? What do you think? J I tried some cat eye styles too but they were not flattering so they were gently placed back in their little bins and walked away LOL.

I opted for transition lenses. Have you tried them out? Amazing! Wish I had gotten them before. I was always annoyed at the squinting I had to do when I drove in bright sunlight (in CA it’s year round!) so I love that it’s not as big of an issue now. Yes they are not as dark as traditional sunglasses but they are very close and it works for me! The only downfall is that it does take a minute to go back to normal when you back indoors so I am made fun of for that reason LOL. Just call me “Hollywood!” ;)

I had forgotten how clear new glasses were but I feel like I am wearing HD glasses now! It’s crazy how crystal clear and detailed I can see now!! Glad I opted for the High Resolution 1080p “D&G” brand LOL.
Ok I better stop raving about my glasses. Did I mention I got everything for half off due to my vision plan!! Ok, OK I’m stopping. Until my next new deal….continued upgrading of my beach cruiser…and a possibly new car later this year! Stay tuned!