Monday, January 16, 2012

Am I old?

My other blog "My Weight Loss Journal" is about my new year's resolution about losing weight and reinventing myself. So far I'm doing great and have managed to lose a little so far. Great for me but as I'm getting back into shape I feel my body, especially my knees, protesting about the walk/jog I'm starting again LOL. Is that due to my bad shape, my shoes or am I getting old? 

Please tell me it's not the latter? The dull pain goes away after I get warmed up and running but it lingers when I'm home stretching. Hmmmm.

Also, we had a party over the weekend and I danced my little heart out. My body ached the next day. I had to refrain from even trying to jog and just kept it to a brisk walk lol. I figure it will eventually go away but it scares me.

Also, I do feel old when it's after 2am and I'm no longer feeling buzzed or drunk but my roommates and bf are and I just want to go to bed. Is that wrong?? LOL. I'm sorry but I'm sooo not with them. I didn't have as much to drink as them since I didn't drink beer and shots like they did. So does that make me the Nana of the group lol. All I wanted to do was go to bed but I wasn't allowed too until 3ish. Oy vey was I sleepy.

All and all though, I had a great weekend. I did have to nap most of Sunday away because again, I can't stay up all night and not pay for it the next day. I'm so going to have to take Monday after Superbowl off for that reason if the Pats make it that far! Good luck to us all in that case :) Crossing fingers!