Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine Day deals!

I'm always scouring the internet for bigger and better deals for little bit of money.

Here are a few good deals (in Los Angeles/Valley areas) I found today that will work for your wallet!
You may not be able to use them "day of" (read the fine print) but V-day lasts all week...actually it should be every day!

$49 - Zagat Pick: 3-Course Italian Dinner w/Wine, Reg. $124

$29 - Temecula Vineyard Tour & Tasting Class, Reg. $150

This one will be great for "starters" or "appetizers" before a night out.

$20 CA WineRoom – Belmont Shore
Info: $20 for Tapas Package with Sangria, Wine, or Champagne ($40 Value)
One tapas item (valid for items up to a $15 value) served during the evening.
Patrons can select one of the following tapas:
A cheese plank platter
An olives and almonds plate
A meats and cheese platter
One pitcher of sangria (a $25 value) or one bottle of wine or champagne (valid for bottles up to a $25 value)

This one is the pricey side but it's romantic.

$69 - 3-Hour Limo Winery Tour w/Tastings & Lunch, Reg. $195

This one is same as above but Temecula:

$69 - Temecula: Chauffeured Wine Tour w/Tastings, Reg. $140

Need gift ideas?

1. Spa!
2. Massage!
3. Facials!
4. Meal at home!
5. Beauty Salon deals!
6. Free time away from you (and or kids lol)!
7. Beautiful picture Frame, family, you both...etc!
8. Flowers - Daisy's! They are a very sweet, romantic flower that are good "just because".
Bring roses (or insert favorite) flower the following week!

What else did you think I was going to say? Lingerie?? Eh No.
Jewelry? Um, unless it's really cool (think Locket- ok maybe that's just me lol), then it's uncreative.

Spa deals:
$39 - Top-Rated Spa: 1-Hour Hot Stone Massage, Reg. $79

This one on Living Social sounds DIVINE!
Bonita Massage Spa
Info: $59 30-Minute Body Scrub, 60-Minute Massage, and 35% Off Next Equal-Value Massage

Skin Care by Janice Otis
$49 One-Hour European Facial and Microdermabrasion

The Body Shop has wonderful scents for lotions as well. It's not high end but it's a good for daily products.
Info: $10 for $20 to Spend on Products

For your Cigar aficionado's:
Info: $25 for $50 to Spend Online on Cigars and Accessories!

And just in case you're person is a Sports Fanatic!
Get em a new Jersey/Tshirt/Jacket they've been wanting with this discount!

Info: $10 for $20 to Spend on Sports Merchandise

And finally, if all else fails, and you want to celebrate least have their Car Washed! Detailing is a gooooooood gift :)

$17 / $22 GoGreen Auto Spa
Info: Pay $17 (regularly $35) for a Mini Detail, or spend $22 (regularly $45) for a Delux Detail
GoGreen Auto Spa, 14006 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Happy Valentine's! I'll keep posting deals as they come in.