Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One More Disney Day! 24 hrs of Disney!

Can you really stay for a whole 24 hours at Disneyland? You can on Feb. 29, 2012! Leap Year baby! Disneyland will stay open from 6am 2/29 - 6am 3/1. Madness no? Happy, happy, Joy, Joy is all I'm saying lol.

I've had an annual pass off and on for a few years now since moving back to LA from Boston. Yes, I love going really is the happiest place in the world for me. It's a place that imagination can run wild. Where your daily grind doesn't matter. How magical is that? Luckily my bf and his kids share the same love for this place that I do. They are the reason my pass this time lol. My last reason grew up hahaha.

I'm curious to see how the night will play out. Will it be packed round-the-clock? Or will it die down at 2am?? Should be fun to find out. Let's see how long I can go LOL. Will have to pack lots of snacks and sugary drinks haha.

One More Disney Day!