Monday, December 19, 2011 favorite time of year!!

So why is christmas my favorite time of the year? It's certainly not all the madness you must endure leading up to christmas. How can you enjoy this time when there is supposed to be "peace on earth" when we are all scrambling to shop, shop and shop? When we have to fight for parking spaces and the "last one" on sale? It's all very simple...all the pain, stress, & financial strain is all worth it to me to see that smile. That magical slow smile that spreads through a person's face, instantly lighting their faces when they open their gifts.

Until then, I have to wrap gifts. However, it feels like I have been wrapping gifts for weeks now! I buy so much for so many people and kids that I have to pack in phases lol. Place in correct piles. Remove prices. Place in box. Then wrap. Then repeat LOL.

I buy the most for all the kids in my life....I'm surrounded by them so much so that I will never be able to afford my own haha. How do parents do it???

Phew! Ok I guess I better sleep so I can work and continue wrapping tomorrow!