Friday, December 30, 2011

I got a beach cruiser for Christmas!

I love my new beach cruiser! My sweetiepie got me a bike for Christmas. I'm excited to make it mine and girlie with pink flower decals and adding a "Sweet Caroline" or "ChasinCaroline" to it! I also have my eye on a Hello Kitty bike bell too ;)

It's so clean and pretty that I'm scared to ride it. I don't know if anybody understands how clumsy I am. I'm really afraid of messing the bike up lol. I have a pink helmet that I will be wearing because I know I will crash at some time haha. Sadly, I usually hit stationary items LOL. 

I'm just happy at how blessed I was this year. Thanks baby!

I think I want to add these pink decals to the bike. Unless somebody has seen something cuter?? Let me know!

I want this bell too! Tell me that's not cute??\