Friday, December 30, 2011

Verizon took it back! No $2 fee for payments!

I'm excited! Verizon took it back! I had posted earlier about VZ proposed $2 fee for paying online or over the phone. The whole thing is ridiculous. Now is not the time to charge us more for services...much less for paying! I would think Verizon or any company would want to make it as easy and painless as possible to receive payment! I'm glad its settled for now...until next time right??

A snippet of the story: "Facing a backlash from customers, Verizon Wireless said today it will back off of a planned $2 fee for some online bill payments, only a day after the fee was first announced.
The concession by the Basking Ridge company came after customers vented on the web, and online petitions generated more than 50,000 virtual signatures. Before the company’s about-face this afternoon, even the Federal Communications Commission said it was concerned...."