Monday, December 12, 2011

Why am I such a chicken?

I'm full of ideas and am a very creative person but I am a Taurus. I consider myself a walking contradiction, as much as I get bored of the same, my Taurus nature comes out and I want to keep things the same. I love predictability, comfort and keeping it as simple and natural as possible. How can you crave the same and want a change at the same time? Quite the conundrum if you ask me. For instance, I started tweeting and facebooking because I love sharing information. That has lead to my quest to learn Social Media. I'm very good at boiling things down to "Just the facts" but I'm taking my sweet time in learning this new industry. I have a high Klout (51 last time I checked) so I'm doing something right but don't ask me what. And how can I start a new business doing this if I don't understand why it works?? See where I'm stuck? I even have potential new clients wanting me to do this for them but I've yet to make a single move. I figure if I blog about it, it may force me to pick up some momentum ahaha.

Now can somebody throw me a crowbar to dig me out of my comfortable little hole in the world? LOL please??