Monday, December 26, 2011

It's a wonderful life!

I had an absolutely blessed Christmas! It was so much fun; full of food, family and friends! Absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. Other than my immediate family gathering, my bf, his son and I were invited into lots of houses to continue sharing the xmas love. As exhausting as it was it was well worth it LOL.
I really did have a blast and am loving life right now. My sweetie got me the coolest beach cruiser...something I've always wanted!! I was also really excited to get "Just Dance 3" from my roomies. I was more than excited to see all my family and friends went out of their ways to include my bf and his son into their christmas budgets. Nothing warms up your heart more than seeing a kids face light up with glee when they open their gifts. They really love it wholeheartingly!
It really is a wonderful life! Hugs and kisses to all in my life :-)

My sisters and I at Christmas.
My nieces and nephews.