Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Absolutely love Yelping and attending their functions. Why does someone as anti-social (in person I mean LOL) love gatherings but hate people (hmmm isn't that from Clerks? LOL) well that's simple. I'm a foodie. Love gourmet, indulgent decadent foods. Its my Taurus nature I suppose. Love good food. Don't get me wrong, you'll find me in a McDonald's at lunch but if I'm ever given an option good, expensive food will be my first choice lol. I just can't afford it but do get to do so when I travel for work :) Since I'm not traveling anytime soon I'll have to Yelp my past adventures and catch up lol.

Right now I'm determined to reach 100 reviews by the end of the year. I'm up to 84, 85 reviews on Yelp. Why do I want to? IDK but I love high numbers lol. It bugs me to have low numbers, ratings, followers etc on anything LOL. I work to build things up. 

Alright I better stop blogging..must write for work now!!